Relationship Psychology of Men

What Do They Want?       What Do They Expect?

What men are like in relationships

The relationship psychology of men has been described as tending to include

  • being afraid of getting trapped, smothered, controlled

  • wanting to solve problems, be helpful, move on

  • not naturally focusing on process or feelings

  • having internal dialogue that is not about process or feelings

  • being afraid that if he does share feelings, worries, fears, he will be looked down on, making the relationship worse not better (There is research that supports this fear by the way.)

Terrence Real on men's issues

Terrence "Terry" Real wrote a groundbreaking book about male depression and men's psyches in general titled´╗┐ I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression that opened up a whole previously hidden realm of what was going on inside men. Here's a short video of him describing what he found. I hope you enjoy it.

Relationship Psychology of Men Is Not Necessarily the Relationship Psychology of Any One Man

And, even if they are all true and you are in a relationship with a man or you are a man in a relationship and you don't like how it is going, what can you do with this knowledge?

For starters - what is is. Even if you want to go somewhere else, you have to start where you are, not where you wish you were.

If these particular gender specific behaviors and beliefs are bothering you, a good place to start is with Byron Katie's four question approach described in detail in Loving What Is or the guided attention breathwork in Michael Brown's The Presence Process for some help with cleaning up your own emotional charge about being with a person who does not see relationships the same way you do. Then you can going ahead with working on specific issues with your partner with a reasonable chance of success.

While there is no easy fix, no panacea, when the tendencies of the relationship psychology of men  is causing problems and/or confusions, it can be very helpful to know where they are likely to be coming from.

The formula (if there is one) is to

  • study up on what a man is (you are) likely to be feeling, wanting, expecting about relationships in general

  • do your own work on feelings that this brings up, whether that is your reaction to your partner or your own reaction to the suggestion that you should somehow be different about this

  • review the concept of stages of relationships

  • with a clean and positive mindset, honestly and effectively communicate about the specifics

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