Affiliate Disclaimer

In various places on this website and from time to time by e-mail I recommend products or services to you.

  • I do this because I believe that the product and it's author will provide good information and service that augments and/or goes beyond what I have provided.

  • In choosing products and/or services to suggest you consider I draw on such things as having used the product or service myself, having used other products or services by the company or person and found them to be a good source, or having read reviews of that product that I found to be credible.

  • Most often (but not always) I will receive a commission if you decide to purchase that product based on my recommendation, or in some cases, I may receive the product for free for review purposes, or just to use.

IMPORTANT: Though my recommendations are made in good faith , please treat my as suggestions of thing that you might want to look into further.

  • Take the time to consider whether or not the product or service would be a reasonable value for you before making any purchases, whether I recommend them or not.
  • Don't buy anything that you cannot afford. Stick with products that have a clearly stated guarantee.
  • Watch out for products that promise ridiculous results like growing hair on a cue ball or making your estranged partner beg to come back on your terms with mental telepathy.

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