Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You

Looking for signs your wife is cheating on you is not an uncommon thing to do when things aren't going well in your relationship. 

The very fact that you are wondering could be viewed from a couple of perspectives, one positive and the other not so positive.

  • It could be a positive sign for you that you are aware of changes, that you are worried when you don't understand the reasons, that you want to know more, and that you are willing to consider your own part in perhaps making things better.

  • On the other hand, if you find that it's coming out of a suspicious, angry, blaming state of mind in you, the two of you may already be further down the road to trouble than you'd like to be.  We all are susceptible to psychological projection in relationships when we are confused, upset, nervous about how things are going.  Look to yourself first.

  • In either case, unless you really want the marriage to blow up,  you need to do something.  The first step is to get your head around your own reasons, feelings, and what you want to happen next before doing anything or saying anything.  Get it wrong at this point and what might have been a misunderstanding can turn into the problem.

Common signs your wife is cheating on you 
are mostly common sense

. . . and just about every one of them could very well be a red herring!!  Tread this path with care.

Top "usual suspects" in this regard include such things as:

  • she becomes more secretive or withholding about things like where she's going, what she's doing.

  • breaks in her established routines be it with work, shopping, or leisure.

  • her thoughts seem to be elsewhere, always thinking about something else.

  • all of a sudden she is encouraging you to get out of the house, to develop interests of your own, go out with the guys.

  • she leaves the house in the morning with her usual fragrance and returns with a different smell in her clothes.

  • she seems to avoid going to social events with you.

  • her cellphone habits change:  you discover she's bought a new cellphone and not told you about it,  her voicemail inbox is always empty when she used to let it fill up,  there a repeat numbers on the bill that you don't recognize,  etc.

  • increase in late night internet use.

  • questionable sites showing up on internet history.

  • bills that don't make sense given what you and she do.

  • unexplained changes in just about any area of life actually.

What do YOU want?

Do you want to catch her and be right? 

That can feel good . . .  for a while . . . until you realize what a mess it will be, a mess that you, she, and your children will have to live with for a long time. 

That may be the best thing for everyone, but it doesn't come without a price.  Check out information on how divorce works at the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers website.  It might make working it out look a bit better.

When it is a guy looking for solid, quick information, I've found an excellent resource 


It is written specifically for men who are looking for some sanity in a crazy-making time.

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