Vacuum Penis  Pumps

a workable e.d. solution

Penis pumps can be helpful in several ways

Penis Vacuum Pump

A penis pump is high on the list of possible coping tools for e.d., along with medication, penile implant, and self-administered injections.

Which of these, if any, you choose probably depends on what are the probable causes of your ED and how the various options open to you stack up in your view.  Especially in cases where there is known to be nerve damage a penis pump works well for many.

After nerve sparing prostate surgery, the surgeon told me "use it or lose it" was not just a cute saying, but that for long term health getting blood flow into my penis was vital no matter what had had happened to the nerves.  He recommended two ways to do this right away even before (hopefully) natural processes kicked in . . . a vacuum pump and medications such as viagra.

There is information from a medical physiology perspective that is well worth looking into

The Cornell University Sexual Medicine Program has provided an excellent resource on the whole topic of the treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Vacuum pumps are just one option.   

If you are considering a vacuum pump, note especially the warnings about limiting the strength of the vacuum.  The thing definitely makes your penis bigger while it's sucking blood into it at maximum pressure and it could be tempting to see just how far it will go.

They warn that if a penis pump has a vacuum pressure greater than 200 - 250 mmHg, it is possible to damage blood vessels in your penis.  Damaging blood vessels while trying deal with erectile dysfunction is like some kind of cruel joke, so be careful what you do. There are FDA approved pumps that will not exert more vacuum force than this as well as commercial ones that have a pressure gauge that allows you to set it for yourself.  As you might imagine, the FDA approved pumps tend to be much costlier, but there are cheaper versions available that do have pressure gauges such as the one shown on the left here.

Like so many other things, how helpful the penis pump is in coping with your ED depends on you and your partner

OK, it works, but is it a good solution for you?

Whether the penis pump is a good solution for you or not probably depends most on how you view your experience of using it. It will help keep the "pipes" open and blood flowing through in the absence of other body signals making that happen.  It will give you are hard penis that can be inserted . . . at a price.

Setting the thing up and using it is quite a rigamarole.

If you think putting on a condom breaks the flow of the sexual experience, wait until you try one of these.  Depending on the size of your penis and the shape of your pubic area, . . . getting a tight seal, pumping up the vacuum, and putting on the constricting ring at the base of your penis that keeps the blood in after you release the vacuum can be quite uncomfortable. 

The communication and cooperation that this whole process calls for may be quite a stressful challenge for your intimate relationship, . . . but of course so is the whole experience of coping with erectile dysfunction. 

It is true that there are a number of ways to deal with this problem.  It is also true that they all have one or more drawbacks from my experience. 

Whatever you do, my advice is that doing something is better than nothing and that working this through with your partner has benefits that go way beyond the immediate issue.


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