Infidelity Studies
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For Couples

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Infidelity studies can offer clues to what kinds of things are likely to arouse suspicions of infidelity and what kinds of things existed in couples that experienced one or both partners engaging in sexual or emotional infidelity, but they can't tell you what is going on or going to happen in your relationships for sure.

The trick to making this information helpful for you keeping in mind the limitations inherent in it. Usually the best that such studies or surveys can tell you is that for a certain group of people they found that those who had emotional or sexual affairs were more likely to have experienced certain things in their relationships and their lives than the people in the studied group who didn't.

The assumption is that if there were patterns observed in the behavior of a limited group of people, the sample, that these same patterns are likely to exist in larger groups of people. If you are reading the results of a study in hopes to be able to apply it to one or two people, as in our case, you can put a lot more weight on one whose subjects were similar to you in terms of such things as age, gender, education, culture, or . . .? If the people in the study were not like you it may still be of use, but it may not.

This isn't like looking for a particular germ that causes a particular disease. Who is going to have an affair and who isn't may be predictable with a good degree of accuracy for 1000 people, but you are only working with one or two. Always remember that studies can show tendencies, but that there will be people with all the warning factors who never have an affair and people with none of them who do.

While information from infidelity studies is probably (but not necessarily) better than a list of warning signs in a popular magazine, it is not predictive in and of itself. Take these as a "heads up" warning and make your own assessment of your own situation.

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